Aesthetics and Whitening

Smiling is the most natural expression of our face and emotion, a smile with white teeth improves and enjoyment of the general appearance of a person. The smile is now an important business card that helps to enhance our person, the Andrisani Studio carries out oral hygiene with professional people specialized and experienced.



Whitening is a simple non-invasive procedure is to be achieved by scrupulous hands. By the time because our smile tends to lose the natural whiteness and brightness, the use of coffee, tobacco and other substances with a strong connotation pigment tend to weaken and turn yellow enamel.

After a first visit of a general check made to ensure that there are no curious infection, alterations in the structure of the enamel and in general to get an accurate diagnosis of the health status of our mouth. The excavation process consists in the preliminary hygienic treatment, this phase in which there is the removal of tartar, a basic condition for proceeding to the stage of cleaning and renewal. Such therapy can be performed simultaneously in both dental arches with various procedures, all adhering to the patient’s dental peculiarities. After the ablation of tartar is passed to the step of polishing and smoothing that ends with the application of whitening gel.


The right products and daily operations

Even in this education is to your body, remember to keep in check the plaque is crucial your commitment! The dentist must be able to demonstrate how to take action to preserve the health and luminescence but is critical patient collaboration that must daily take care of themselves by implementing the right maneuvers brushing and making regular use of floss.

Plaque tends to recreate itself, especially when persist unhealthy behavior (smoking) and consumption of substances pigmented (colored drinks, tea, coffee, tobacco and some fruits and vegetables), tartar instead require professional sessions with the use special equipment that make use of ultrasound.

Frequently asked questions on the Aesthetics and Whitening

The adhesive composite restorations are used for the reconstruction of chipped teeth, fractured, malruotati, diastemati, decayed or discolored limited not resolved by bleaching. The restoration is performed by applying an adhesive resin that mimics the appearance and color in the natural tooth.

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic plates which are fixed by an adhesive to the surface of the front teeth. Veneers are ideal to correct a smile and significantly improve their appearance. It is a highly sophisticated treatment that requires great skill and artistic sense both by the dentist that the ceramist technician.

A perfect combination of art and science can give you back a perfect smile. Once established they become invisible, it is resistant to the normal functions that the coloring agents present in our diet.

This therapy is indicated for smokers and coffee drinkers and who has a dark-colored enamel due to the intake of a child antibiotics. They propose two solutions, a study by accelerator lamp and a home with custom templates.

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