Why Digital Radiology?

The technology currently allows to make use of the best equipment in order to optimize the diagnostic phase, the operating and as an aid in post-operative verification. At the Andrisani Studio you can have a computerized image for the study of anatomy and maxillary-mandibular temper with the latest generation machinery Cone Beam CT. It is...

Correct daily cleaning operations, tools and use.

Proper oral hygiene is the foundation for a good relationship with his own mouth, consciously use the most common available and make the correct maneuvers tools is the first step to help the hygienist working in the prevention of oral diseases prevention halitosis, we see the most common tools and their optimal use. Toothbrush It...

Milk teeth, spacing and crooked teeth, when you need the dentist

The teeth of the first dentition, the decidua (or "milk"), generally springing from an age of four months until the second year of the child's life. This process is known in dentistry as a rash and be complete around three years of age, about six years, the teeth begins its natural parts, starting from the...

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