Correct daily cleaning operations, tools and use.


Proper oral hygiene is the foundation for a good relationship with his own mouth, consciously use the most common available and make the correct maneuvers tools is the first step to help the hygienist working in the prevention of oral diseases prevention halitosis, we see the most common tools and their optimal use.


It is one brushing tool to manual action, it serves to remove residues of mastication and bacterial plaque. Once cleansed with dentifrico the toothbrush on the teeth is taken and used from towards the gum, with gentle circular movements. It is therefore important to include in the gingival sulcus movements without being too abrupt, avoid micro-injuries to the tooth and the gum. The length of the head should be about 3 cm for adults and 1.5 for children, in the choice of the ideal toothbrush is lean towards bristles not too hard but compact. A toothbrush tends to deform and accumulate bacteria, to this end it is recommended to replace it after 3 months.

Beautiful young woman smile. Dental health background.The flossing

We have different types of thread, waxed, unwaxed, in different segments and foam tape. The waxed thread is indicated for those with a greater spacing between the teeth and overlapping, the one unwaxed is more useful to go deep and with closely spaced teeth. Its use must be done by twisting the ends and repeating a movement with two hands gently up to the gingival sulcus having care from time to time to use the clean side.



The most common substance with which they are produced is given by fluoride toothpaste, because sanitizes prevents tooth decay and dental infections. Commercially they have proposed types of toothpaste with a whitening action. Their content is given by abrasives and therefore very effective bleaching action than the consumption of food and drink with a strong connotation pigmentosa. To this end it is preferable to make a use limited in time to the bleaching action toothpaste for not excessively attack the enamel.


spazzolino_elettricoElectric toothbrush

Place of rechargeable base, can be used as a common manually operated toothbrush. Suitable for people with poor mobility of the hands provides a good cleaning, it is important to orient in the vicinity of the junction between the tooth and gum, no limestone and a rocking motion.


Use of mouthwash

It is auxiliary products indicated for post-wash rinse. These rinses complete the hygienic practice because they manage to reach parts of the mouth is not always easy to reach by brushing. Their action, cosigliato in two daily rinses helps remove plaque, remineralize and refreshing mouth.


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