Hygiene and Prophylaxis

In Dentistry with Dental Care and Prophylaxis means that complex of treatments aimed at the removal of tartar, plaque, cleaning the teeth and oral cavity. This practice, in addition to responding to the need for cleaning, hygiene and aesthetic renewal, has an important preventive function of gum disease and related to Periodontology.

Prophylaxis includes the procedures and activities for the prevention of occurrence of caries, periodontal disease, oral diseases and incorrect lifestyle (unsatisfactory oral hygiene, poor nutrition) and reduction of risk factors responsible for the main diseases of the mouth.


Oral home hygiene

The oral hygiene maneuvers they use mechanical procedures (scaling, brushing, use of dental floss) and chemical principals (mouthwashes, gels, topical antiseptics) the use of which is aimed at controlling and reducing the accumulation of plaque and tartar and, consequently, to decrease the bacterial load in the oral cavity, responsible, inter alia, of halitosis.


Professional oral hygiene

The professional oral hygiene session is given by maneuvers that the dental practice professional on the apparatus, and aims for a thorough cleaning and the riemersone original enamel coating. When the home oral hygiene and related maneuvers and cleaning tools are not used with the right expertise and continuity it is possible that the residual bacteria of food remain in the oral cavity giving rise to proliferation of micro-organisms often responsible for tooth decay and halitosis. It ‘very likely that between one tooth and another, as well as in the interior of the tooth, some parts might be neglected by the normal brushing and therefore it is necessary periodically a session of professional hygiene.


The phases of the session of oral hygiene

The professional oral hygiene session is performed by your dentist or hygienist qualified which acts to remove plaque and tartar (calcified plaque).

During the session of oral hygiene we have a phase of tartar in the space above-gum, polishing (or polish), removal of subgingival calculus that can follow any interventions of Conservative Dentistry. Finally, the hygienist suggests instructions on proper home care operations and prescribes any products or aids for home cleaning. Studio Andrisani Followers constantly sessions with customized reminders, both by phone and by text message.

Frequently asked questions about Hygiene and Prophylaxis

No. In the case of particularly oral inflammatory conditions, it will care hygienist to use Spray and local anesthetic gel and if the pain persists call your dentist for local anesthesia.

No. Only for very compromised teeth you can have the feeling of more mobile teeth, and it is due to the removal of tartar deposited on teeth. Tartar, if indeed stabilizes the teeth to each other, it aggravates the situation leading to periodontal long the fall of the elements.

therefore necessary to remove tartar and allow the tissues around the teeth to heal and stabilize “naturally” the teeth.

Oral hygiene is a practice that can not be separated by a minimum of daily perseverance.

The Sudio Andrisani educates and forms on a proper maintenance and call the patient for hygiene session in order to maintain a state of long-term oral health over time, read the blog article on maneuvers and common tools for home care.

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