Implantology and guided Implantology

Implantology is the discipline that deals with the replacement of teeth by the insertion into the bone of highly biocompatible titanium screws. The issue is therefore fully integrated plants with tissues and pre-existing structure that manages to blend in naturally with the body.

The inclusion advantages of titanium implants are manifold. First, always surrender with pleasure to the unstable dentures, that has positive effects on everyday life for strictly cosmetic reasons also for convenience. Secondly there is the modification of facial profile that with time (in the absence of a fixed bone structure) tends to deform when lacking a defined structure, in this sense the bone advantages and the resulting prevention of atrophy are concrete because the bones maxillary maintains the natural density.

The likelihood of rejection for this type of highly biocompatible implants are minimal and the recovery of the functionality (with positive effects on adjacent teeth, mastication, aesthetics and gingival problems rubbing) is comparable to that of natural teeth.


The Guided Implantology

This solution is driven computers, this implies a greater control of the positioning and adhesion of the plant resulting in less invasive. Studio Andrisani is equipped with the latest technologies of Digital Radiology, the particularity of this type of procedure is the tight integration between the precision of digital technology and the expertise of dentistry, in fact, the patient undergoes a CT scan of the jaw bones and this 3D model fits the design and fabrication of the surgical mask derived from the radiological for precise dental implant placement and guided.


Immediate loading implant

When the patient’s condition allows it, you can proceed to the immediate load, in this case the patient undergoing surgery to implant guided surgery, in the space of 24 hours, to have her teeth fixed and obtain optimal aesthetic results and very time tight. The basic conditions for resorting to the immediate load requires that the patient has a sufficient primary stability, adequate natural bone and a good gingival support.

Frequently asked questions on Implantology

Patient can both enter “short implants” and “close”, both regenerate the bone in areas where several factors for the bone volume was reduced.

Each case is studied individually, proposing to the patient all the possible alternatives.

It depends. Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to remove the old plants because poorly placed, or fractured due to emerging infections that lead to loss of peri-implant bone tissue.

Studio Andrisani provides each patient a certificate of originality of plant and prosthetic components Heads used, so that the patient can get help anywhere in the world if necessary.

The “Passport Implant” is issued to each patient after surgery, indicating its fittings used in order to allow the identification uniquely. In case of need the patient, if unable to contact their dentist, will exhibit “Implant Passport” at any dentist in the world, identifying the components used, may intervene in the most appropriate manner.

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