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The First Visit at Studio Andrisani allows the patient to receive a qualified opinion on the state of their teeth in order to prepare the process of resolution of his problem or disease. The Dentist on this occasion must be able to collect all the information relevant to then propose the optimal treatment plan for the specific problem.

A First Visit serious and thorough is the first step to have a clear vision and dental apparatus to derive a series of information that allow an accurate overview of patient status. To this end intraoral dental radiographs or ortopantomografie may be necessary. Studio Andrisani has the most modern digital radiography technologies, fundamental to perform all diagnostic tests in the shortest time possible. The patient who has old radiographs is invited to take them because it is important to evaluate the best possible clinical and pre-existing situations elapsed.

In the panel below you you can conveniently book online your first visit to our dental office and then receive confirmation by e-mail or phone.


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