Oral Surgery

The Oral Surgery (also known as the Oral Surgery) deals with a number of surgical interventions aimed at remedying biological and anatomical problem situations that undermine patient health. This type of surgery is acting on the side of the bone reconstruction, graft and removing lattice residues within the maxillofacial branch that can not be addressed only by the side of Endodontics and Implantology.


What are the actions covered

Interventions are data from tooth extractions, removal of cysts, sinus lift, apicoectomies, orthodontic surgery, frenulectomy, reconstruction and / or regeneration guided jawbones, removal of cysts and tumors, interventions of Periodontology and Implantology. These interventions are performed under local anesthesia although in special cases, or when the situation requires it, you can perform interventions under general anesthesia or sedation in order to minimize stress and anxiety during surgery.


Modern Surgery Odontostomatology

Today Oral Surgery is geared toward a minimally invasive approach aims to minimize post-operative patient outcomes. The Andrisani Studio makes use of important aids such as microscopy, sonic surgery, computer guided surgery and a number of surgical instruments dedicated to the reduction of intraoperative and postoperative pain.

Frequently asked questions about Oral Surgery

The extraction is recommended when the teeth are no longer maintainable, in cases of malpositioned teeth of judgment or included (dysodontiasis). The main reasons for making the extraction can be varied inevitable: deep caries that compromised irreversibly the tooth, inability to maintain hygiene necessary, skewing of eruption, incorrect contact with the other teeth with impairment in trim.

And an inevitable passage when it is important to remove parts of damaged teeth or in cases of chewing difficult with effects on the proper daily functionality.

The surgery involved operating extractions, autografts wisdom tooth and cyst removal and neo abnormal formations.

The surgery involved operating extractions, autografts wisdom tooth and cyst removal and neo abnormal formations.

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