That of the prosthesis is the Dentistry field which concerns the design and the construction of prosthetic devices designed to replace the original dentition lost or partially compromised by fractures and accidents.

The prosthesis renews the functional utility and aesthetic dental apparatus compromised over time due to disease or trauma, we can have two types of prosthetic implants, fixed and mobile. The fixed prosthesis is anchored in the load-bearing elements of the patient’s mouth, the residual tooth or adjacent parts, we speak in these cases of crowns, dentures on implants, veneers or bridges.

The mobile prosthesis is a device that can be easily unhooked and replaced by the same patient, both in partial view that total. In the case of total prosthesis there is a substitution of a wide area with dental reconstruction materials ceramic or composite. The skills the Dentist in this case is vital, he somehow has the craftsman whose skill and care we entrust our smile, here are some of the requirements that must be met in the manufacturing process prosthetic:

Functionality: to restore proper chewing and joint function

Resistance: resistance to mastication and the wear of time and corrosive factors

Harmlessness: the protein dental artifact must respect the conformation of the mouth and be constructed with non-toxic materials

Aesthetics: the artificial replacement teeth must be as much as possible in line with the pre-existing facial profile

Frequently Asked Questions about prosthetic interventions

It is thin ceramic plates that are placed on the most visible surface of the front teeth.

The contiguous to the facet teeth are filed down slightly to allow for an optimal insertion of the element in the ceramic subsequently cemented with the specific enamel.

No, remember that they must necessarily be harmless and biocompatible with the body. Fixed prostheses are cemented on teeth specially prepared (stumps) or reconstructed and then filed to give retention of the restoration.

The materials are made implants can be varied, from gold-ceramic, monolithic and layered zirconia, as the all-ceramic lithium disilicate and feldspathic ceramic veneers, both on natural teeth and implants.

The removable prosthesis is the removable prosthesis which tends to restore the correct aesthetics and function of a mouth while being removable from the patient for daily hygiene maneuvers. It includes all those devices that replace teeth no longer present.

They range from the total removable dentures (false teeth) that is placed on the teeth in the absence of teeth, the removable partial denture (while you still have teeth), to the framework that is anchored to the remaining teeth by means of hooks or attacks with a metal substructure support, the aesthetic removable dentures made of nylon with soft texture and invisible hooks.

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