What is Odontology?

The dentistry is the part of medicine that cures the dental health status and implements prevention, diagnoses and therapies that address the linked issues.

The dentist (Dentist) in fact is not only the professional called to remove “the tooth is bothering” but deals with the patient’s well-being in the broadest sense of the term. The dentist intervenes there where there are more or less serious problems affecting the teeth, the gums, the jaw bones and tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) and dentist works for the welfare of the person.

As we all know, the mouth is an area where of course traveling and settle germs, bacteria and inflammation where they are located, this can also create discomfort in the absence of obvious trauma. The dentist is first of all your dental hygiene Coach, he aims to act on the recovery side of normal function and beauty, but the care of our teeth also means prevention, periodic care and good practices.

The real Coach of the teeth is the one who in addition to professionally intervene point you know habits and behaviors from which to stay away because they damage the health and shape you as to which daily conduct assume for a long and healthy life of the teeth. This is even more true for patients young, young age is a golden moment for education in the good hygiene habits and transmit culture.

Why choose Studio Andrisani

In the work of all the days that Studio Andrisani gives evidence of efficiency, professionalism and passion, all the elements that motivate our team and constant updating are the basis of our added value.

The firm, in Via IV Novembre in Matera, is easily accessible because it is situated in a central location with easy parking, here our team is able to combine the effectiveness attention to the person. The Studio Andrisani is a modern and functional, recently expanded and renovated offers an ideal setting to work calmly to our goals.

We pay particular attention to updating of our staff, punctuality and the instrumental equipment. Offering comfortable operating rooms, the firm founded by Donato Andrisani, is a place specially designed to meet the specific needs and reduce the invasiveness of treatment.

Studio Andrisani is also equipped with Digital Radiology equipment, this technique is based on computerized diagnosis that allows you to examine the maxillo-facial profile through digital scanning. The usefulness of this tool, not at all invasive, and with very low X-ray exposure, is also proven in the therapeutic phase, in this case it is possible to perform reconstructions of Oral Surgery, starting from an exact evaluation of the dental equipment status.

Oriented to increasing general dental awareness, which always starts from simple daily practices, Studio Andrisani has recently expanded its business by providing, in addition to a special scientific study space and meetings, an area dedicated to Paediatric Dentistry, designed to be tailored even the young patients.

Studio Andrisani è:

  • Equipped for Digital Radiology
  • Area equipped with kid friendly for the Children’s dentistry
  • Reliable and constantly updated staff
  • Careful dental education on healthy lifestyle
  • Interactive and technological

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