Why Digital Radiology?


The technology currently allows to make use of the best equipment in order to optimize the diagnostic phase, the operating and as an aid in post-operative verification. At the Andrisani Studio you can have a computerized image for the study of anatomy and maxillary-mandibular temper with the latest generation machinery Cone Beam CT. It is particularly useful for the treatment Guided Implantology, Endodontics and Orthodontics.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBTC)

Machinery Cone Beam CT today is the vanguard to perform computed tomography X-ray. Among the radiographic techniques to digital has proved by far the most complete because it allows to store into the machine a great deal of information about the status of the patient, painlessly and in less than a minute.

The information acquired by the cone beam is used to scan over that of the party concerned, also in order to create three-dimensional images which in turn can be reworked by the specialist software. The Cone Beam CT allows to reduce the times of development of the images, with greater definition of the details and with the possibility of using software eleborare the maxillo-facial profile and mandibular temper of the patient, not to underestimate the minimum exposure dose to the emissions of patient X-rays.


In the dental context

Consider the utility that this machine offers every day to dental professional, the Cone Beam CT is a very useful aid in diagnosis, dell’Impantologia Wizard, Endodontics and Orthodontics. Using the principle radiological imaging X-ray the patient undergoes a scan to 360 ° conical, this image is acquired and stored by the computer. Once you stored this information is possible in terms of calculations and statistical projections, obtaining 3D images that would not be accessible via a analigica scan. Indeed, through mathematical algorithms and software, you can also display images and complete projections on the affected area.

The Cone Beam today is critical in the diagnosis and to determine the proper treatment and check its course, the Studio Andrisani technologically advanced uses of this machinery to ensure fast and accurate solutions.


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